I was born in 1980, Turin, Italy and I live and work mainly in New York, Turin and Bologna.
I have a degree in Philosophy produced a thesis on the relation between Time and
Photography (worked on with the famous Italian critic and photography historian Claudio Marra).

I began taking photographs after receiving a camera from my grandfather who bought it on the occasion of my birth. He was a photographer, but unfortunately he died few months later.
I still use this camera for the most important artworks I make.

It quickly became a passion and now I work as an artist, a still photographer for movies and
a professional photographer in general. I also teach photography in courses and workshops.

As an artist I've exhibited my work in more than 40 solo and group shows around the world.
I have been published on many reviews and newspapers. I have been published the book
about people with mental desease "Nonostante la vostra cortese ospitalità. Fotografia e
disagio mentale oggi", editrice Quinlan.

As a still photographer I worked in about 15 movies, working with most of the famous italian actors and directors, such as Isabella Rossellini, Giancarlo Giannini, Giuliano Montaldo,
Saverio Costanzo, Pierfrancesco Favino, Alba Rohrwacher, Francesco Scianna, Margherita Buy,
Carolina Crescentini, Fabio Volo, Luciana Littizzetto, Ficarra & Picone, Anita Caprioli, Giuseppe

As a teacher I taught in many courses and workshop, in photographic and art schools. I developed a workshop with mentally ill people.

I am represented by the Claudio Bottello Contemporary Gallery, located in Turin, Italy.

Portfolio 2004 - Epson Italy:
"Without the memory" best work of the year in Italy.
National Prize FNAC 2004:
Best young photographer.
SI FEST 2004 Portfolio in Piazza, Savignano sul Rubicone:
Best photographic work.
2005.Iceberg 2005, Young artists in Bologna:
Special mention
2007.Cliciak 2007 - National award for Italian still photographers:
Best young Italian still photographer for movies.
International Arte Plurale Prize:
Best workshop and teacher of the year. Workshop executed with mentally ill
2011.Cliciak 2011- National award for Italian still photographers:
  Best photographic series
  Luca Pron Prize:
  Winner as still photographer in "behind the scene" section
2012.  Passione Italia 2012 - ISCP Award - sponsored by Seat Pagine Gialle + Italian Ministry for Art:
  Winner. 6 months in New York having a studio at International Studio & Curatorial Program