What thread of coincidences sews together the little singles stories?
What thread sews together a sequence of photos?




Milions of lives slide near each others every day. Sometimes they touch each others for a chance or for choice, they cross in a street to depart then like the ramifications of the delta of Danube.


The city where starts the delta of Danube is in Rumania and it's called Tulcea. In Tulcea I didn't know anybody.


It seemeds to me, immediatly, a place particularly symbolic. Here live together various creatures, various birds, various dogs, various people of various cultures and origines.


So I felt that here I could have tried the challenge I haved in my mind: to start at sunrise in a particular point of Danube and to try to come back in the same place, after following an invisible thread that joins people together and to measure the time of their days. No exotic reportage to show the stereotipeds about Rumania, but the attempt to find a direct and simple touch with things and people, following a little piece of their stories near sides of the river like they are in an ordinary day. A little photographic circle to come back at the evening with a luggage to share.


I slept in Tulcea many nights and at the end, this is what is come in my "dance in a ring". Maybe a simple thing, something like a nursery rhyme we have learned when we were children.