PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP - HIDDEN BOLOGNA - Photography Workshop (in English!)
All levels of English (and Photography!)

"The first photo workshop in English in Bologna" 3 days on February (14 hours): friday 22nd, h 20.30-22.30 saturday 23rd, sunday 24th, h 10-13 / 14-17

PRICE "Hidden Bologna": 170 Euro

UNDER 25: 150 Euro

This workshop is an amazing opportunity to discover a hidden city. It will be like a game. You will have a goal and you'll need to find your personal way to achieve it. At the end you will learn more about Bologna, more about photography and more about yourself. This workshop is not only for strangers, but also for Italians that want to practice English and share this experience with other people from different part of the world.
Group show at the end!

phone. +39 3478759286